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Writing Resources*


A writer's go-to resource for MFA programs, magazines, grants, scholarships, workshops, jobs, etc. The is website an extension of Poets & Writers magazine and offers print subscriptions

A comprehensive source of literary and genre magazine listings, writing prompts, etc. Offers print subscriptions, as well as how-to books and workshops.

MFA alternative out of New York City offering workshops for fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, poetry, comedy, etc. Great for new and seasoned writers working to hone their craft. Classes are paid for, but free classes are occasionally offered in person. 

Join NaNoWriMo and get access to a large writing community, events, and prompts for every genre. With Camp NaNoWriMo every April and July, you'll be even more dedicated to your writing with coaching and badges!

A huge online writing community offering camaraderie and feedback. 

Find homes for your work and track submissions. Offers paid tiers for publications, businesses, presses, and schools. 

*I am not affiliated with any organizations, publications, or events. I do not receive compensation of any kind. Links and suggestions are for informational use only.  

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All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. 

-Albert Camus

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